Dispute Resolution, National & International Litigation and Arbitration

It is no secret that many companies waste their internal resources that should be concentrating on core business objectives with never-ending judicial procedures in order to resolve the disputes with their competitors and/or public entities. The result is hurting corporate returns, increasing costs and reducing profits. Trying disputes before the courts affect corporate performance, often at an unseen cost. To avoid this result, the Akin Law Firm takes a different approach to dispute resolution, preferring it’s preventive legal strategy to ensure the dispute to be settled between the parties with an amicable solution prior to judicial process.

Sometimes, however, informal dispute resolution is not possible, and the courts must be involved.  Representing its clients in front of the courts has always been one of the assertive competences of Akin Law Office. The Attorneys of Akin Law Office have successfully managed numerous litigation cases in front of national courts and national and international arbitral tribunals, which resulted in awards for their clients. The scope of the litigation competence of the Office is also extensive: Administrative Law, Tax Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Consumer Law and Intellectual Property Law.

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