Akın Law Office

Akin Law Office was established by Umit Akin in Istanbul. Umit Akin, until August 2012 served as executive, board member and Attorney at leading Companies in Turkey. He was responsible for a team of more than 100 lawyers, both in Turkey and abroad, mainly in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Cyprus, Germany and the Netherlands.


During his service he was involved extensively in commercial conflicts requiring knowledge and experience dealing with the legal and regulatory complexities of the operators in a regulated market and the competition is intense. He played a consequential role in the process of forming telecommunications sector since its beginning. The experiences of its founder during his service in multinational companies worldwide as executive, board member and attorney differentiate the Firm in terms of understanding business environment and needs of its clients and providing appropriate business-wise solutions.

The office is representing its clients in a very effective and efficient way in front of national and international arbitral tribunals and national courts. Besides, with its preventive and protective legal services, its main goal and approach is to provide a ground to its clients in which the legal risks were eliminated or at least minimized as is needed for commercial continuity and success.

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