Ümit Akın, LLM


Umit Akin, until August 2012 served as Chief Legal Officer, Vice President and General Secretary of the Board of Directors at Turkcell, the leading GSM Company in Turkey. In addition he has served on the Board of Directors of several major corporations in Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and the Netherlands. He was involved extensively in commercial conflicts requiring knowledge and experience dealing with the legal and regulatory complexities of operators in a regulated market and the competition is intense. He played a consequential role in the process of forming telecommunications sector since the beginning.


Umit Akin successfully managed many cases, which resulted in very significant awards for his clients. He has served as research assistant at Administrative Law Section of Ankara University Law Faculty between 1996 and 2000. Umit Akin holds a master degree in Public Law since 1998 and has frequently lectured at several Law Schools within Turkey. 

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