Public Tenders Law

Akin Law Office provides a full range of legal and policy support to its clients in all the phases of public tenders. We have represented our clients on these projects from preparatory phase through signature of the agreements. Within the framework of its public law expertise, the Office provides legal services to resolve disputes both during and after the tender process. We also assist our clients before relevant judicial bodies in the resolution of public tender disputes.

In Turkey, public tenders are executed under tahe rules of Public Tenders Law numbered 4734, and our office has deep experience with that law, as well as the related laws and administrative regulations. The tender process is particularly important in today’s markets, where public tenders are becoming an increasingly large source of goods, services and manufacturing works. These transactions often require public expenditure or utilization of a public resource and must be executed under the rules of Public Tender Law and supervision of Public Tender Authority, first established by Law numbered 4734. We have particular expertise in this area, and have numerous successes for our client in the public tender arena.

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